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I hope you are well, I recently went to a party and got my hair curled from a professionalI have for around 5 years being curling my hair myself I have a set of rollers and a baybliss hair tong which I normally use with a sprinkle of L’Oreal hairspray. Whenever, I even get my hair styled from someone else using the same type of equipment I never quite get a really think block of curls that last for more than a few hours.  However, when this professional curled my hair she used BaByliss Curl Secret, its made of 2 tongs and it sort of clips your hair in and boom your hair is curled, very easy to use and EXCELLENT RESULTS, my hair is seriously straight and when I got my hair curled with this machine my hair stayed curly for nearly 4 days- yes you read that right 4 DAYS. I would highly recommend purchasing this product if you are someone who regularly curls their hair and has really really straight hair like mine. Currently this product is for around 119.00 pound sterling in Boots and 120.00 pounds on the Babyliss website , although this has quite a heavy price tag this product is seriously insanely good !

Below are a few promotional photos from the Babyliss website.

Babyliss Curler

Babyliss Curler



I have also attached below a link to the Babyliss website and youtube channel where you can discover different ways to style your hair .

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Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you are all well, you may or may not have noticed a new trend of using green tea as a means of losing weight or just drinking the tea. I have never EVER drunk tea in my whole life and I am from England and tea is the nation`s favorite drink but I find the taste of English tea simply despicable !

However, recently I have started drinking green tea just one cup a day (I always burn my tongue anyway), there are lots of varieties in the market today, on Instagram I came across Boo tea which apparently is a great accomplice for weight loss or just wanting to drink tea. If you live in England or actually internationally aswell Holland and Barrett is a great store for this type of stuff. However, I have been drinking the following green tea ;


Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea £2.19 for 20 bags @ Holland and Barrett

This is Heath and Heather Green Tea- Jasmine flavor, for a person who never drinks hot drinks and needs something to survive horrible diets this drink is highly satisfying, I have a habit of snacking which is one of the reasons I need to go on a diet, after drinking just one cup of this , I don’t feel as hungry anymore.

It is important to note however I think with anything you eat for the purposes of gaining nutrients its important to drink the tea in its naturally form .i.e. tea bag in water and there`s no need to have a digestive or squirt some honey or whatever, I firmly believe this is a great tea  to be drunk on its own. At first if you’re not used to drinking tea like I was, the taste can be a bit disgusting but if you have one a day you will get used to it 🙂

Happy drinking 🙂

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Hello everybody, welcome to 2015, I know its been like 17 days since we have entered it but I still cant believe its 2015. I am terribly sorry for neglecting my beautybox (see what I did there sorry bad joke), mid December I had huge coursework deadlines involving Othello and The Tempest which dominated my life quite literally.In the Christmas break I was lucky enough to go away which felt quite weird because I normally go on holiday during Feb or August anyway, I was lucky enough to visit Pakistan then stopping by Dubai and Abu Dhabi en route to London. It was verrry interesting seeing the different ways people celebrate new years and Christmas around the globe. In Pakistan, I visited the city of Karachi where I have family relations, I last visited in 2011 since then there have been various developments such as the building of huge new skyscrapers, including foreign designer shops :), new resorts being built. Whilst I was there interestingly the death penalty was grabbing headlines- would love to hear your thoughts on that. In addition, Pakistan is currently going through a boom in their entertainment industry, Pakistani drama actors are taking over Bollywood, with the introduction of Fawad Kahn in Khoobsorat (Disney`s first indian film) and Mahira Khan standing alongside the legendary SRK in his new film I believe.

Below are some photos from my trip in Karachi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

IMG_0542 IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0706 IMG_0745IMG_0896

So upon going on holiday I was experimenting with fake lashes within the UK market at affordable prices, I came across Primark`s P.S. love fake lashes, now people who are from the UK may be familiar with Primark`s reputation with now having the best quality products, however although I personally do not buy excessive Primark products, they`re fake lashes collection I feel has very good value for money for just 1.00, perfect for a night out it comes with a glue included.  have previously used Capital`s fake lashes which are only available to commercial makeup artists but I think unless your an expert individual lashes can be hard to put on so I feel that this just the jobs. Also, I would like to mention that half-way through applying the lashes I released that I should probably blog it hence why there is only one lash in the box lol.

IMG_1007 Available at Primark 1.00

This is my face with one lash on the left and one without :


I then applied this eyeliner to enhance my face a bit.


Moving on so everyone what do you think the new trends in makeup and fashion will be for 2015, comment, like share my blog and till next time