NEW LOOK – Poll,IG-Elizasbeautybox, positive vibes

Hello everyone 🙂

A very good evening from a marginally rainy and cold day in London, I have made some changes around the blog to make it look more like a beauty blog, new features include a search bar (how exciting), a link to @Elizasbeautybox instagram account, where I will be posting makeup inspiration photos aswell as photos of fashion and makeup (believe it or not ), there is also a poll (hopefully working) on which you can vote for what you would like me to add to my blog. In addition there is a new follow blog via email button, in which you can enter your email address to receive prudent notifications when I upload a new post (I promise it wont be like junk mail). I have also been working on adding new pages to my blog such as jaw-dropping fashion moments of the week aswell as a lifestyle page and lots of new makeup product reviews.

I would love to hear any feedback on any things around the blog you feel I need to improve or did well in..

Don’t forget to follow me on instagram : elizasbeautybox





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