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I hope you are well this sunday eve (in GMT), I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions on what I could post about, any makeup techniques or new products that you feel are missing from my blog that this blog could benefit from. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions on previous postings that you feel I should expand on or improve on that would be good too. I was thinking of doing a product haul on my next post any particular lipsticks or eyeshades that interest you..

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Models Own Chestnut Kohl Pencil Tutorial

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Firstly, thank you soo much for my followers who have been giving me feedback and commenting/liking my posts it really means a lot to me, please feel free to give me any sort of feedback you feel about my posts or any suggestions on what I should post. Today`s blog posting is centered around a gift I received its the “Models Own Kohl Eyeliner Pencil”, Models Own is a British company that has a lot of branches around the world but is vastly expanding in the middle east particularly in places such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, they`re products contain a vast range of nail polishes as well as a makeup range. I really like the pencil, particularly the chestnut color, I like the thought of a potential sultry embellished look. So i decided to experiment a little bit and use it as a tool to sharpen my eyebrows.

The products I used to complete my look were the following (in order of usage):

1.Models Own Kohl Chestnut Eyeliner Pencil  (3.99 Pound Sterling)

2.Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

3.Mini Bourjois (light brown) Mascara

4.The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral loose powder shade- 102 natural ivory

Eyebrow Tutorial

1. Make sure your face is dry and clean below is a photo of me without any makeup on at the start.


2. This is the models own eyebrow pencil


3. Start by using a brush or in my case the smudger to align next to your nose so you have an idea of where the edges of your eyebrows are. In addition, you could line the brush to an approximately 65 degree angle if that is easier !

4. Use the pencil and do gentle pencil strokes from the beginning of your eyebrow to the ends depending on your eyebrows. I have quite bushy eyebrows so for me 2 strokes of the pencil was enough to maintain a natural but stylish look, for thinner eyebrows you should shape accordingly. Ideally you want the inner part of your brow to be thicker, then taper to a thinner line as it goes toward your temple.

5. I then used the smudge part of my pencil (or the brush) ,to smooth over my brows and blend in the pencil.

7. Because my hair is distinctively dark and so are my eyebrows I used a little bit of Bourjous mascara to lighten my eyebrows.

6. This is optional but you could use a nude lighter shade of an eye-shadow palette to highlight your brow underneath.For instance the nude colors in the Naked 2 palette would be perfect. I used a concealer to just roughly blend underneath my brow bones.

7. Just to finish off I applied a little splash of powder over my eyebrows to give it a fresher and natural look ! I used a loose foundation powder but it doesn’t really matter which one you use just that it should not darken or lighten the eyebrows just give it a hint of freshness.

8. Thats it ! I hope you enjoyed the mini tutorial that I created 🙂 Here is the final look


Here are some photos of the products that I used 🙂

IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1459 IMG_1452

Thank you for reading my post, If you have any thoughts or comments on this post or any of my previous posts please feel free to comment below. If you felt that I did not live up to your expectations please tell me how to too. Don`t forget to comment, like and share.

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Kim Kardashian Mascara Moment

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I hope you enjoyed my last post about my fitness regime I am trying to follow. Today I just wanted to draw your attention to a recent selfie Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram account.


Photo Courtesy of @KimKardashian Instagram

Posted above I just love the pumped up mascara and the individual character that the lashes portray. I just absolutely loved this selfie, mascara inspiration 🙂

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Health kicks skipping ropes and squats…

Hello everyone 🙂

I just wanted to give you an update on what health/beauty routine ,I am doing right now . Currently I have exams, so I haven’t been focusing on beauty topics or trends so much more on my health physique . I have tried to adapt my routine to include 20 minutes of skipping rope in my garden.

I have also been doing around 300 squats a day ! It may sound like a lot for someone who has never done squats when actually they are incredibly easy to do . I tend to do around 100 when I get home and another 150 after dinner or whilst watching tv. Another 50 I tend just before I sleep or alternatively just after I wake up in the morning …
I would love to hear any of my fellow blogger’s routines or suggestions..

I found an interesting article charting the benefits of skipping rope

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FOTD (Face of The Day)

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Today I applied black eyeliner on my eyelids and white eyeliner on my bottom lid on my eyes and put some mascara on would love for you to comment on what you think of my FOTD.

photo 2

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Faryal Makhdoom`s new YouTube channel

Hello everybody 🙂

I hope you are well, this blog is basically about my favorite south-Asian/American/uk-living makeupfashionista, who goes by the name of “Faryal Makhdoom”, ever since she came in the public eye she has been one my style icons for makeup and fashion, I just love the way she does her makeup so intensely but subtly at the same time and how she dresses. She has an instagram account with a huge number of followers, recently (as in 7 days ago), she started a YouTube channel based around makeup and she has uploaded a get ready with me makeup video, I am absolutely loving her take on YouTube tutorials and I just wanted to share that with you guys. She`s a native New Yorker living in the UK right now which I love even more because I love New York. So be sure to check out her new youtube channel :

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Strong Nails- Home remedies

Hello everybody,

First day of February :), it feels like January went by in 5 minutes… today`s mini post is about home remedies regarding strong nails, I personally have really long nails but they`re not very strong, recently I heard about a remedy to do with rubbing fresh garlic pieces on your nails for around 5 minutes until the nails are properly moisturized, I will be using this technique would love to hear if it works for you too.  Another one is fresh tomatoes , rubbing onto the face and leaving for around 10 minutes, brilliant for toning and cleansing of the skin.

I found an article too on 32 Amazing Benefits of Tomatoes

Please feel free to comment on whether you use these remedies if they work for you or not, don’t forget to like, share and comment.

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