Health kicks skipping ropes and squats…

Hello everyone 🙂

I just wanted to give you an update on what health/beauty routine ,I am doing right now . Currently I have exams, so I haven’t been focusing on beauty topics or trends so much more on my health physique . I have tried to adapt my routine to include 20 minutes of skipping rope in my garden.

I have also been doing around 300 squats a day ! It may sound like a lot for someone who has never done squats when actually they are incredibly easy to do . I tend to do around 100 when I get home and another 150 after dinner or whilst watching tv. Another 50 I tend just before I sleep or alternatively just after I wake up in the morning …
I would love to hear any of my fellow blogger’s routines or suggestions..

I found an interesting article charting the benefits of skipping rope

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