Nail Polish

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great day ! Tomorrow I will be posting about vamp makeup , this recent trend is something that stretches further than the 31st October ; I assure you.
As this post titles , I for the past 2 years have been collecting nail varnishes and am absolutely crazy about them. During London Fashion Week, I attended a talk by Maybelline New York, where dark colours were described to be the new trend for fall. Below is a photo of colours I think you could probably get away with saying they’re vamp!


Good night 🙂


Prior to my previous blog-Winged Eye Liner

Hi guys if you recall a few days ago I blogged about trendy winger eyeliner whilst there are lots of expensive ultra-fine eyeliners that can guarantee you the look.
Maybelline New York’s master precise liquid eyeliner is also very easy to use to for someone who has very in-steady hands like me !