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I hope you are having a wonderful day, today I am going to talking about the inevitable question that every makeup lover thinks about whilst standing in a beauty shop or online ? which brush is better than the other ? what is the actual difference between the brushes ? chances are that like me you would like to think you know the specific purpose for each brush; but you actually don’t !

I will be starting a series of Makeup DIY posts, todays one is about the fan powder brush. I really like the shape of the brush like a fan, it is actually my favorite shaped brush after kabuki.

Below is a photo of a fan brush that I have :

Fan BrushSo that is a fan powder brush, this particular one I have is incredibly soft on my skin, this is created for use with loose mineral powders, or any powders of that caliber. The sweeping of the powder creates a light, tender and velvety effect on the skin, perfect for avoiding foundation lines and creases due to its light nature. Such brushes are also used to tip-off the perfect eye shadows in order to give the pixel perfect effect diminishing any excess powder.

I will try and cover all the brushes that are in a typical makeup brush set .

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Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you are well, I recently went to a party and got my hair curled from a professionalI have for around 5 years being curling my hair myself I have a set of rollers and a baybliss hair tong which I normally use with a sprinkle of L’Oreal hairspray. Whenever, I even get my hair styled from someone else using the same type of equipment I never quite get a really think block of curls that last for more than a few hours.  However, when this professional curled my hair she used BaByliss Curl Secret, its made of 2 tongs and it sort of clips your hair in and boom your hair is curled, very easy to use and EXCELLENT RESULTS, my hair is seriously straight and when I got my hair curled with this machine my hair stayed curly for nearly 4 days- yes you read that right 4 DAYS. I would highly recommend purchasing this product if you are someone who regularly curls their hair and has really really straight hair like mine. Currently this product is for around 119.00 pound sterling in Boots and 120.00 pounds on the Babyliss website , although this has quite a heavy price tag this product is seriously insanely good !

Below are a few promotional photos from the Babyliss website.

Babyliss Curler

Babyliss Curler



I have also attached below a link to the Babyliss website and youtube channel where you can discover different ways to style your hair .

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