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I hope you are all well, you may or may not have noticed a new trend of using green tea as a means of losing weight or just drinking the tea. I have never EVER drunk tea in my whole life and I am from England and tea is the nation`s favorite drink but I find the taste of English tea simply despicable !

However, recently I have started drinking green tea just one cup a day (I always burn my tongue anyway), there are lots of varieties in the market today, on Instagram I came across Boo tea which apparently is a great accomplice for weight loss or just wanting to drink tea. If you live in England or actually internationally aswell Holland and Barrett is a great store for this type of stuff. However, I have been drinking the following green tea ;


Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea £2.19 for 20 bags @ Holland and Barrett

This is Heath and Heather Green Tea- Jasmine flavor, for a person who never drinks hot drinks and needs something to survive horrible diets this drink is highly satisfying, I have a habit of snacking which is one of the reasons I need to go on a diet, after drinking just one cup of this , I don’t feel as hungry anymore.

It is important to note however I think with anything you eat for the purposes of gaining nutrients its important to drink the tea in its naturally form .i.e. tea bag in water and there`s no need to have a digestive or squirt some honey or whatever, I firmly believe this is a great tea  to be drunk on its own. At first if you’re not used to drinking tea like I was, the taste can be a bit disgusting but if you have one a day you will get used to it 🙂

Happy drinking 🙂

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