Strong Nails- Home remedies

Hello everybody,

First day of February :), it feels like January went by in 5 minutes… today`s mini post is about home remedies regarding strong nails, I personally have really long nails but they`re not very strong, recently I heard about a remedy to do with rubbing fresh¬†garlic pieces on your nails for around 5 minutes until the nails are properly moisturized, I will be using this technique would love to hear if it works for you too.¬† Another one is fresh tomatoes , rubbing onto the face and leaving for around 10 minutes, brilliant for toning and cleansing of the skin.

I found an article too on 32 Amazing Benefits of Tomatoes

Please feel free to comment on whether you use these remedies if they work for you or not, don’t forget to like, share and comment.

Lots of Love