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Hello everyone 🙂

A very good evening from a marginally rainy and cold day in London, I have made some changes around the blog to make it look more like a beauty blog, new features include a search bar (how exciting), a link to @Elizasbeautybox instagram account, where I will be posting makeup inspiration photos aswell as photos of fashion and makeup (believe it or not ), there is also a poll (hopefully working) on which you can vote for what you would like me to add to my blog. In addition there is a new follow blog via email button, in which you can enter your email address to receive prudent notifications when I upload a new post (I promise it wont be like junk mail). I have also been working on adding new pages to my blog such as jaw-dropping fashion moments of the week aswell as a lifestyle page and lots of new makeup product reviews.

I would love to hear any feedback on any things around the blog you feel I need to improve or did well in..

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Reader Suggestions

Hello everyone :),

I hope you are well this sunday eve (in GMT), I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions on what I could post about, any makeup techniques or new products that you feel are missing from my blog that this blog could benefit from. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions on previous postings that you feel I should expand on or improve on that would be good too. I was thinking of doing a product haul on my next post any particular lipsticks or eyeshades that interest you..

Thank you for reading my post, please comment below your suggestions, don’t forget to like and share too

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Models Own Chestnut Kohl Pencil Tutorial

Hello everybody 🙂

Firstly, thank you soo much for my followers who have been giving me feedback and commenting/liking my posts it really means a lot to me, please feel free to give me any sort of feedback you feel about my posts or any suggestions on what I should post. Today`s blog posting is centered around a gift I received its the “Models Own Kohl Eyeliner Pencil”, Models Own is a British company that has a lot of branches around the world but is vastly expanding in the middle east particularly in places such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, they`re products contain a vast range of nail polishes as well as a makeup range. I really like the pencil, particularly the chestnut color, I like the thought of a potential sultry embellished look. So i decided to experiment a little bit and use it as a tool to sharpen my eyebrows.

The products I used to complete my look were the following (in order of usage):

1.Models Own Kohl Chestnut Eyeliner Pencil  (3.99 Pound Sterling)

2.Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

3.Mini Bourjois (light brown) Mascara

4.The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral loose powder shade- 102 natural ivory

Eyebrow Tutorial

1. Make sure your face is dry and clean below is a photo of me without any makeup on at the start.


2. This is the models own eyebrow pencil


3. Start by using a brush or in my case the smudger to align next to your nose so you have an idea of where the edges of your eyebrows are. In addition, you could line the brush to an approximately 65 degree angle if that is easier !

4. Use the pencil and do gentle pencil strokes from the beginning of your eyebrow to the ends depending on your eyebrows. I have quite bushy eyebrows so for me 2 strokes of the pencil was enough to maintain a natural but stylish look, for thinner eyebrows you should shape accordingly. Ideally you want the inner part of your brow to be thicker, then taper to a thinner line as it goes toward your temple.

5. I then used the smudge part of my pencil (or the brush) ,to smooth over my brows and blend in the pencil.

7. Because my hair is distinctively dark and so are my eyebrows I used a little bit of Bourjous mascara to lighten my eyebrows.

6. This is optional but you could use a nude lighter shade of an eye-shadow palette to highlight your brow underneath.For instance the nude colors in the Naked 2 palette would be perfect. I used a concealer to just roughly blend underneath my brow bones.

7. Just to finish off I applied a little splash of powder over my eyebrows to give it a fresher and natural look ! I used a loose foundation powder but it doesn’t really matter which one you use just that it should not darken or lighten the eyebrows just give it a hint of freshness.

8. Thats it ! I hope you enjoyed the mini tutorial that I created 🙂 Here is the final look


Here are some photos of the products that I used 🙂

IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1459 IMG_1452

Thank you for reading my post, If you have any thoughts or comments on this post or any of my previous posts please feel free to comment below. If you felt that I did not live up to your expectations please tell me how to too. Don`t forget to comment, like and share.

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Hello everybody, welcome to 2015, I know its been like 17 days since we have entered it but I still cant believe its 2015. I am terribly sorry for neglecting my beautybox (see what I did there sorry bad joke), mid December I had huge coursework deadlines involving Othello and The Tempest which dominated my life quite literally.In the Christmas break I was lucky enough to go away which felt quite weird because I normally go on holiday during Feb or August anyway, I was lucky enough to visit Pakistan then stopping by Dubai and Abu Dhabi en route to London. It was verrry interesting seeing the different ways people celebrate new years and Christmas around the globe. In Pakistan, I visited the city of Karachi where I have family relations, I last visited in 2011 since then there have been various developments such as the building of huge new skyscrapers, including foreign designer shops :), new resorts being built. Whilst I was there interestingly the death penalty was grabbing headlines- would love to hear your thoughts on that. In addition, Pakistan is currently going through a boom in their entertainment industry, Pakistani drama actors are taking over Bollywood, with the introduction of Fawad Kahn in Khoobsorat (Disney`s first indian film) and Mahira Khan standing alongside the legendary SRK in his new film I believe.

Below are some photos from my trip in Karachi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

IMG_0542 IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0706 IMG_0745IMG_0896

So upon going on holiday I was experimenting with fake lashes within the UK market at affordable prices, I came across Primark`s P.S. love fake lashes, now people who are from the UK may be familiar with Primark`s reputation with now having the best quality products, however although I personally do not buy excessive Primark products, they`re fake lashes collection I feel has very good value for money for just 1.00, perfect for a night out it comes with a glue included.  have previously used Capital`s fake lashes which are only available to commercial makeup artists but I think unless your an expert individual lashes can be hard to put on so I feel that this just the jobs. Also, I would like to mention that half-way through applying the lashes I released that I should probably blog it hence why there is only one lash in the box lol.

IMG_1007 Available at Primark 1.00

This is my face with one lash on the left and one without :


I then applied this eyeliner to enhance my face a bit.


Moving on so everyone what do you think the new trends in makeup and fashion will be for 2015, comment, like share my blog and till next time


Christmas is coming faster than you can blink 🎅

1st December marks the festive season upon us , I personally can’t wait to indulge in mince pies, ice skating and Shopping ASAP . So guys what are your favourite looks for Xmas I personally will be wearing red vamp lips and can’t wait to visit Selfridges and Harrods in Central London this weekend famous for their Christmas lights
Ho Ho Ho
(Sorry for the bad joking I couldn’t help it 😏)

Blog Suggestions

Hello everyone !
I’m so sorry for not posting lately I have been so busy with exams and tests etc
I would love for you to add any suggestions for any posts you want me to do 🙂
I was thinking of an Urban Decay Naked 3 review.
Lots of love
E x


Hello everyone, sorry for the rather dramatic title for the blog but I just wanted to emphasis the impact vamp makeup is making past the 31st October. Vamp makeup associated with Vampires Vampire makeup do you get where I`m trying to go with this. I first noticed vamp makeup on Khloe Kardashian and I love how she balanced the intensity of it as you need some skill for that !

However this is not to say only Khloe can rock vamp lips you can too. In terms of what is currently trending from vampire makeup, vamp lips are currently being taken. In terms of colors vampire lips are usually dark black, purple,red,brown and possible grey. However all these colors must be in a dark shade to achieve the vampire inspired look.  I recently came across an article which charted lots of recent celebrities charting vamp lips, I hope it inspires some ideas within you. The hyperlink for this is below:

Below is a picture of a beautiful presentation of vampy lips using Mac`s “sin” lipstick:

I personally think its so classy and beautiful , however it can be occasionally overwhelming so its important to find the best colour that suits you ! In general a dark lipliner pencil normally needs to be draw on your lips before applying the lipstick of your preference.

This photo by NYX beautifully embraces the colours :

 Due to my olive skin tone I personally prefer red lipstick as a base for my vampy lips in particular Mac “Ruby Woo” currently very popular down at Mac in London, I recommend you give it a try.
Thank you for reading my blog, I will be doing a tutorial creating vamp lips very very soon..stay tuned 🙂
( I do not own any photos used all are loyalty free)