Ombre..Olay..Ombre Ombreee

Hello everyone, unless you’ve been hiding behind a rock for the past year, you will be aware that Ombre has taken the Hair and Beauty Industry by storm !, Ombre ranges from Ombre cupcakes to lipsticks to Hair. Firstly what exactly is Ombre ? This question has made me curious for a long time. The word Ombre is a  French term meaning “shaded.” Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric. Generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp.

The photo below makes this obvious :


Photo courtesy of @Tumblr

Ombre hair does not have to be necessarily blond, but purple, red too.

However Ombre makeup  roots are actually  more associated from drag queens ( yeah I know right), drag queen makeup is famous for defining the lips so they look larger than natural. Ombre lips do portray the French dip dye effect, so Ombre lips typically go from dark to light or vice versa. Elle magazine recommends using neon brights or even clashing hues such as orange and pink but you can also play it safe with colours of the same family. I personally prefer the devilish red lips or nude lips ombre lips due to my complexion.

Ombre lips are very easy to create , you will need :

1. A dark lip liner pencil (colour of your choice)- this is ESSENTIAL

2. A bright lipstick, old glossy lipsticks or lip glosses will do too

3. A lip brush

4. Concealer or foundation, mostly I have found concealer is better to work with

3. A corner of a hot towel ( to wipe off dry skin off your lips before starting)

Due to technical difficulties I am not able to upload photos of me creating the look but I will give a written tutorial below on how to create Ombre Lips.

Firstly make sure your lips are not dry, dip a corner of a hot towel around your lips getting ride of any dry skin.

Secondly, get the lipstick and apply on your lips. Paying attention to the corners.

Thirdly, take the darker lip liner pencil define your lips draw the bottom lips first starting outside then drawing in, make sure to draw in not out otherwise you will end up looking like a clown. Repeat the same process on the upper lips.

Fourthly, using the lip brush blend the two colours, making sure that the darker lip pencil colour still sticks out.

Finally, use the concealer to blend around your lips, to neaten up ! Sometimes if the colour is too overwhelming for me I put some concealer in the middle of my lips, a tiny amount only though.